What Does the Mania Surrounding Jeremy Lin Most Remind You of?


February 18, 2012

What Does the Mania Surrounding Jeremy Lin Most Remind You of?Every year it's something new. An overlooked player or team somehow finds their way into the limelight and creates the type of buzz worth drooling over.

This year that steaming hot commodity is Jeremy Lin.

Lin, a 2010 Harvard graduate with a degree in economics and passion for the hardwood, has spent the past season or so season bouncing around the NBA just trying to find a home.

The point guard's journey from Phoenix to Golden State to Houston and now to the bright lights of New York was a long and arduous one. But Lin's sudden and unexpected surge onto the basketball scene has capitavated the attention of nearly the entire nation, comparing his emergence to even that of Tim Tebow and the "Tebowmania" that held the entire football world hostage earlier this year.

Linsanity, as the asian guard's emergence has been so eleoquently referred to, has taken the country by storm and the Knicks recent five-game win streak is just a piece of the hype machine.

So while Lin continues to put up huge numbers, similar to the near 25 points and 9 assists he's averaged over New York's last five games, the comparisons to Tebow and other such popular polarizing figures continues.

Here are some past and even more recent examples of the same sort of hype that Jeremy Lin is commanding.

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