Chelsea's Reconstruction Plans Should Not Include Cristiano RonaldoChelsea is already thinking about next year when it comes to personnel. It has been a less than stellar season for the English team, despite being the only Premier League team left in the UEFA Champions League.

In the league, the team is struggling to qualify to next year's Champions League, and the biggest complaint has been the offense. Fernando Torres is an international punch line and veteran Didier Drogba is nearing the end of his contract.

Sources close to the team claim that the priority for the team as it rebuilds will be to increase its striking power. Lead by billionaire owner Roman Abramovich, Chelsea is not being shy about its options. It will reportedly put in a bid of over 80 million pounds ($130 million) for Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammate Gonzalo Higuain.

It is also going after some other world class talent — Pep Guardiola. Although the Barcelona manager is wavering about returning to the Catalan team, it seems if he leaves, he'd leave coaching for good. This has not stopped Chelsea from being his most aggressive suitor.

The team wants to add someone like Guardiola to manage the new stars, seeing as Chelsea has been everything but impressive when it comes to big talent. The bigger the acquisition, the bigger the failure it seems for the Blues: can you imagine how mightily Ronaldo could fall if he donned the Chelsea blue?

Now, let's stop salivating about the prospect of the villainous Ronaldo meeting such Kharma. The problem with these Chelsea claims is that they're entirely unfeasible.

There is a lot of young talent out there that the team should be tapering into rather than fielding pipe dreams about the wonderful partnership in Real Madrid falling to pieces. Ronaldo is not going to leave after a year in which he seems destined to win both the Pichici and La Liga. Chelsea may not be able to throw enough money at him.

The famous French quote comes to mind, "the more things change the more they stay the same." The name can change on the jersey, but not the mentality that is faulty.

Going after Ronaldo is impressive, but what Chelsea needs to do is try and pluck younger talent that it can cultivate itself, rather than throwing money blindly at the stars.

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