Vote: Is Saints Bounty Scandal Worse for NFL Than Patriots Spygate Saga?Say what you want about the Saints bounty saga, but regardless of opinion, it’s a public relations disaster and big black eye for the NFL.

In the biggest pro football saga since Patriots’ Spygate, the Saints made headlines recently when it was reported that their players were being paid to injure opponents during games.

New England sports fans know what Saints fans are going through, as it was the Pats who went through their Spygate scandal just five short years ago. Not only were the Pats punished $750,000 and a first-round draft pick, their legacy will forever be linked with “cheating.” Don’t believe us? Go ahead and ask any fan from New York, Pittsburgh or Indianapolis for their thoughts on the Pats dynasty.

While neither ordeal is ideal, which one has been worse for the NFL?

Which scandal is worse for the NFL?