Delonte West Gives Gordon Hayward ‘Wet Willie,’ Jazz Broadcaster Calls It ‘Cheap Shot in the Biggest Way’ (Video)


There have already been a number of questionable hits and plays in this year’s NHL playoffs. None of them, however, compared to the atrocity that took place Monday night in Utah.

That’s according to the Root Sports broadcast team, however.

“Tell me the referee didn’t see that!” one member of the broadcast team said. “That’s unbelievable. He should be thrown out of the ball game for that. Cheap shot in the biggest way.”

“What is that about? That is the lowest of lows,” one of them added.

What could garner this type of response? At the very least, a Kurt Rambis-like clothesline, right? A Kermit Washington punch to Rudy Tomjanovich’s face type of incident, perhaps?

No and no. The Root broadcast team was actually up in arms about a move that would make The Three Stooges happy. Delonte West, who may be the long-lost fourth stooge, left everyone to scratch their head Monday night when he stuck his finger in the ear of Jazz forward Gordon Hayward following a play.

Despite calls for everything short of criminal action from the broadcast duo, West received only a technical foul for his move.

See it below.

Photo of the Day

If there’s anything that gets in Tim Thomas’ head, it’s a cardboard cutout being held by a guy with a hockey sweater that’s one size too small over a dress shirt. Well played, D.C.

Delonte West Gives Gordon Hayward 'Wet Willie,' Jazz Broadcaster Calls It 'Cheap Shot in the Biggest Way' (Video)

Quote of the Day

“Well, there’s … uh … a lot of [evidence] on my side to show that I’m not a crybaby,” said Lucic, pausing for a considerable time to contemplate the mockery. “That’s a lot coming from a guy I think that’s got two roughing penalties in three years, so there you go.”
–Milan Lucic doesn’t think he’s a crybaby, but…

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…this guy apparently thinks he is. This is a tweet from a month ago.


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If Rick Ankiel was allowed to throw from 300 feet away, he’d still be a pitcher.

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