Southern Mississippi, Ole Miss. Hold Dance Off During Rain Delay (Video)


Rain delays can be boring. There's no action on the field, the seats get wet and the whole stadium is filled with a general sense of discomfort.

Unless, of course, the game being delayed is between old rivals Mississippi and Southern Mississippi.

When Wednesday's game between the two schools faced a lengthy rain delay, the teams first viewed it as an opportunity to show off their comedic talents. Both sides exchanged skits and generally tried to entertain the crowd at Trustmark Park.

Of course, a show can only feature so much comedy before moving on to the main act: a dance off! Ole Miss and Southern Miss players huddled opposite each other before sending out their best individual dancers to show off their moves.

Oh, and as for that bit of baseball, the game was cancelled and rescheduled for May 1.

It's unclear which team performed better Wednesday evening, but you can decide for yourself in the video below.

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