Vote: Should Patriots Wear Red ‘Pat the Patriot’ Jerseys Permanently?


Vote: Should Patriots Wear Red 'Pat the Patriot' Jerseys Permanently?Nike unveiled its new NFL uniforms on Tuesday. But while the jerseys created plenty of buzz, the changes ended up being minimal.

The Patriots were among the teams that didn't really see any change in the uniforms they'll be donning this season. And you know what, that's probably a good thing considering the Patriots have some of the best looking jerseys in the league and have had plenty of success since switching over from the light blues.

But before the light blue jerseys, which are a bit questionable in hindsight, the Pats donned red and white jerseys. They sported those until 1993, at which point they switched to blue and silver as their primary colors. With that change also came a new logo, as New England went from the beloved "Pat the Patriot" to the current "Flying Elvis."

The Patriots have begun rocking the red jerseys from time to time as a bit of homage to the franchise's heritage, but there are plenty of fans in New England who would love to see the team resort back to them permanently.

After all, "Pat the Patriot" is a pretty awesome logo. But just how awesome? Awesome enough that you'd like to see the Pats go back to it full time?

Sure, it's an unlikely scenario, but who doesn't love some good jersey talk?

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Would you like to see the Patriots wear their red throwback jerseys permanently?

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