Conor Daly Survives Horrific Crash at Monaco GP3 Race (Video)


Consider it a miracle.

GP3 racer Conor Daly somehow walked away from a horrific crash on Saturday unscathed. Watching the video of the crash, you'd assume Daly would be lucky to walk away at all, never mind unharmed.

Daly went airborne after jockeying for position with a fellow driver. His car soared through the air, nearly hitting two workers who were stationed on a nearby tower. The safety fencing is really all that stood between them and certain disaster.

Not only was Daly able to escape the scene, but he put the steering wheel back in its proper place upon exiting the vehicle. That probably wasn't necessary.

In any event, Daly is a lucky man.

Check out the crash in the video below.

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