Dennis Seidenberg’s Unexpected Bout, Milan Lucic’s Dominance in Top 10 Bruins Fights of 2011-12 (Videos)


Dennis Seidenberg's Unexpected Bout, Milan Lucic's Dominance in Top 10 Bruins Fights of 2011-12 (Videos)Other than winning Stanley Cups, there may be nothing most Bruins fans like better than a good old fashioned donnybrook. Fortunately for the Garden faithful, the Bruins have rarely disappointed in that department.

The 2011-12 season was no different in that regard. The campaign ended sooner than Boston would have liked, but the defending champs didn't go down without a fight. Actually, they didn't go down without 61 fights, as the Bruins finished second in the NHL in total fighting majors for the second straight season.

Shawn Thornton, as usual, led the way in that area, tying for the league lead with 20 fights. But he had plenty of help, with 14 different Bruins getting into at least one fight. And with as tough as the Bruins were on the ice, it might be even tougher to narrow those many bouts down to just a top 10.

But as we continue our look back at the recently concluded season, we've attempted to do just that. So check out which scraps made the cut for our top 10 fights of the 2011-12 Bruins season, and feel free to make your case for any that we left off in the comments section below.

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