Russell Martin Claims Umpire Laz Diaz Wouldn’t Let Him Throw New Ball to Pitcher Because He Hadn’t Earned It


Russell Martin Claims Umpire Laz Diaz Wouldn't Let Him Throw New Ball to Pitcher Because He Hadn't Earned ItWe may have a new low when it comes to power-hungry umpires, if Yankees catcher Russell Martin can be believed.

The New York catcher had some eye-opening claims following the Yankees' win over the Angels on Wednesday night. Martin argued balls and strikes with home plate umpire Laz Diaz earlier in the game, and after that, Diaz refused to let Martin throw new baseballs back to the pitcher when they came into play.

According to Martin, Diaz instead insisted that he throw the ball back.

"He told me I had to earn the privilege," Martin said, according to The Star-Ledger. "Even at the end of the game after I get hit in the neck. I'm like, can I throw the ball back now? He's still like no. I'm like you're such a [expletive]. Like for real. Unbelievable. I even told him like when there's guys on base, I like to keep my arm loose. No. I'm not letting you throw a ball back. That's pretty strange to me."

It's a bit difficult to question Martin's resume as a big leaguer, too. He's no Johnny Bench, but Martin is a three-time All-Star with a Gold Glove to his name.

"Now, thinking back, I should have shown him the gold Rawlings sign on my glove," Martin said in reference to having won that Gold Glove.

Yet, Diaz didn't relent to the point that it was becoming apparent to Martin that Diaz was trying to bait him into an eventual ejection.

"I feel like that's what he was trying to do, trying to get me," Martin said, according to The Star-Ledger. "But it wasn't going to happen."

Martin also said he couldn't remember ever having any problems with the veteran umpire.

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