High School Track Runner Stops in Competition to Help Fallen Competitor Finish Race (Video)


High School Track Runner Stops in Competition to Help Fallen Competitor Finish Race (Video)Sometimes, athletes can get so caught up in the attention and glory that comes with sports that they forget the fundamental lessons they learn when they first start playing sports.

One high school girl from Ohio did what some called a "powerful act of kindness" and "an act of humanity," simply by doing what her gut told her was the right thing to do.

Meghan Vogel, a junior at West Liberty-Salem High School, was nearing the finish line of the 3,400-meter race, about to finish in last place. As she approached the finish line, a runner from Arlington High School named Arden McMath collapsed in front of her.

Most people would finish the race. After all, Vogel was only a few feet from the finish line. She could avoid the label of finishing dead last in a race. Plus, aiding any other runners while on the track is subject to disqualification from the race.

But Vogel did what she knew was right. She stopped running, helped McMath up and carried her across the finish line, making sure that McMath crossed the line first. Vogel displayed true sportsmanship, showing that running isn't always about coming in first place.

"Helping her across the finish line was a lot more satisfying than winning the state championship," Vogel told the Springfield News-Sun.

McMath's coach, Paul Hunter, told the newspaper that this is a rare act in high school sports.

"What a selfless act," Hunter told the Springfield News-Sun. "She could have just gone around Arden. But she chose to help. I’ve never seen that at a state meet. That’s real sportsmanship."

Vogel finished in 15th place, with a time of 12:30:24. She made sure to hold McMath in front of her, who finished in 14th place with a time of 12:29:90.They crossed the finish line to a standing ovation.

Watch the video of Vogel carrying McMath across the finish line below, via New York Daily News.

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