John Fox Laughs Off D.J. Williams’ Tweet of Denver Broncos Playbook


John Fox Laughs Off D.J. Williams' Tweet of Denver Broncos Playbook"Don't press send!" That's the motto many sports teams have taken when talking to their players about using social media, indicating 'if you're not sure about it, don't post it.'

So when Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams tweeted a photo of the team's defensive playbook — which has since been deleted — on Tuesday, it was expected that he would be disciplined for his actions. Instead, Broncos coach John Fox took a more lighthearted approach and laughed off the incident, according to

"Yeah, we've addressed that," the coach said of Williams' tweet. "You know, I think our players do a terrific job with the social media. You know, you're not going to get through a whole season, I think, unscathed, but the world has gotten smaller. But I think, all in all, our guys do a great job."

Williams did respond with another post on his Instagram account on Tuesday, explaining that he was just letting fans know "what's going on with their team."

"Dear fans: My post about learning a new position and the fact that our playbooks are now iPad was all for you. I realize fans like to know what's going on with their teams and fav player," Williams said in the posting.

Fox apparently took the response as a sufficient explanation, given the head coach didn't seem concerned by the tweet. Fox was even seen joking about it when asked how concerned he was of the situation after practice.

"Not that much," Fox responded with a laugh. "All in all, I think our guys do a great job keeping our fans informed, and you know, you're going to have a couple mishaps, and we just move on."

Fox' decision to downplay the incident gives Williams and other Broncos players leeway with their social media accounts and could smell a whole lot more trouble for Denver as the season grows near.

Check out a photo of Williams' posting of the Broncos' playbook, below.

John Fox Laughs Off D.J. Williams' Tweet of Denver Broncos Playbook

Photo via The Big Lead

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