Lowell Spinners Will Host 'Speed Dating With Tyler Seguin' Night on Aug. 15Question: Who is the most eligible (and sought after) bachelor in the Boston area?

Answer: The writer of this story, of course.

After that, however, there's little doubt that Bruins forward Tyler Seguin is next on the list. Seguin's popularity among Boston sports fans is up there among the city's biggest stars, and there is arguably no one more popular among ladies of the Hub than No. 19 in Black and Gold.

The Lowell Spinners are looking to take advantage of Seguin's popularity among the ladies with an upcoming promotion, as the Red Sox' Single-A affiliate will hold "Speed Dating With Tyler Seguin" on Aug. 15.

"When we asked the question 'Who would be the one person in the Boston area that a Speed Dating Event Planner would want more than anyone?' The answer to us was Tyler Seguin," said Spinners vice president of corporate communications Jon Goode in a press release.

"He is one of Boston's most sought after bachelors."

Those lucky enough to win some time with Seguin — who is also one of the game's "speediest" players — will get their opportunity to "spend five minutes with Seguin in a private suite, giving them the chance to ask the Stanley Cup champion and NHL All-Star questions, take photos, enjoy the game and who knows, even score a phone number."

The Spinners will pick the winners throughout the game as well as through the Game Day program, an online auction and on social media.

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