Minor League Mascot Wipes Out on ATV, Gets Up and Walks It Off Like Nothing Happened (Video)

The life of a minor league mascot is not glorious.

For instance, you are sometimes forced to ride an ATV around outfield at speeds that are way too high for someone wearing a fuzzy suit with a head the size of a satellite dish. 

That’s what happened to Rip Tide, the big blue mascot of the Norfolk Tides, the Triple-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. The big guy was ripping around the warning track on an ATV, when he lost control and spun out in an attempt to stop.

He stopped, all right, as Rip Tide’s big, goofy head got acquainted with the warning track. Luckily, no one was hurt, which gives us all permission to point and laugh.

See the embarrassing moment below, with a big tip of the mascot head to Deadspin for passing it along.

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