LeBron James X Sneaker to Feature $300 Nike Plus Model (Photo)For the low, low price of only $300, the newest LeBron James shoe could be yours.

The LeBron X could be the first sneaker to crack the previously unthinkable price barrier when it drops later this year. The shoe will retail for around $315, according to the Wall Street Journal via ESPN's Darren Rovell, and will be Nike Plus-enabled with motion sensors tracking athletic progress.

A marketing analyst disputes the projected price, though, telling Rovell the kicks will sell for only $290.

Those on a budget hoping to pick up a pair of shoes have nothing to fear. The high-end version of the LeBron X will only make up a small amount of shoes on the market. The rest of us, who do not need to keep tabs on our vertical leap (or lack thereof), can raid the loose change in the couch cushions for the $175 model.

Photo via Flickr/lebronapp