T.J. Lang Tweets Expletive-Laden Tirade, Asks NFL to Fine Him to Pay Regular Referees


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the Packers’ locker room who wasn’t frustrated by Monday night’s controversial ending. Perhaps no one was more upset than guard T.J. Lang.

Lang immediately hopped on Twitter following the wild conclusion of Monday’s game, in which the Packers were robbed of a victory by the NFL’s replacement referees. He, like many of his Green Bay teammates, was upset that the refs called the final play a touchdown, when it clearly shouldn’t have been ruled such.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tossed a hail mary into the end zone as time expired. Seahawks receiver Golden Tate and Packers safety M.D. Jennings both jumped for the ball in the crowded end zone, and both came down with a piece of it, resulting in a wrestling match as the two players hit the ground. Although two referees standing in the end zone initially made different calls, the play was ruled a touchdown, and the ruling was upheld after further review.

That sent the Twitterverse into a frenzy, with many athletes, entertainers and sports personalities weighing in on the controversial ending. A number of Packers players also reacted on social media, but Lang’s tweets were particularly candid, especially given the vulgar nature of his tirade.

“Got [expletive] by the refs.. Embarrassing. Thanks nfl,” Lang first fired off.

Then, shortly after, the offensive lineman followed up with, “[Expletive] it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.”

In between retweeting teammate Greg Jennings (who noted that all he can do is laugh at this point) and Bleacher Report’s Aaron Nagler (who insisted that the players should show up and not try), Lang sent a message to Monday’s victorious opponents.

“Any player/coach in Seattle that really thinks they won that game has zero integrity as a man and should be embarrassed,” Lang tweeted.

Clearly, Lang is not a happy camper, and once the league taps into his wallet, he’ll probably be even more frustrated — unless, of course, commissioner Roger Goodell takes his advice.

But that’s wishful thinking.

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T.J. Lang Tweets Expletive-Laden Tirade, Asks NFL to Fine Him to Pay Regular Referees

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Don’t ask me a question about the officials. I’ve never seen anything like that in all my years in football.
–Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, reacting to Monday’s wild events

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Even Celtics fans could agree with LeBron James in this case.

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