Report: Bryant McKinnie Being Sued by Rapper Trick Daddy’s Father for $375,000 in Unpaid Strip Club Bills


Report: Bryant McKinnie Being Sued by Rapper Trick Daddy's Father for $375,000 in Unpaid Strip Club BillsBryant McKinnie has made more than $50 million during his 11 seasons in the NFL, but he's got very little of it left. And now, he may have even less.

McKinnie, a Pro Bowl left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, is being sued by the owner of several Miami strip clubs for unpaid bills, according to NBC Miami.

Charles "Pop" Young, the vice president of the Diamonds club chain and also the father of Miami-based rapper Trick Daddy, says McKinnie ran up a tab of nearly $375,000 between the 2009 and 2010 football seasons and has yet to repay any of the money. McKinner was a member of the Minnesota Vikings at the time.

The financial troubles aren't the first for McKinnie. Before the 2011 NFL season, in preparation for what was expected to be a long lockout, McKinnie took out a $4.5 million loan to help cover his expenses during the work stoppage.

The lockout ended before the regular season, but what sort of "expenses" is McKinnie racking up on a consistent basis that would take almost $5 million to cover? It would appear that at least a good portion of that spending must revolve around scantily clad women.

McKinnie, 33, was scheduled to make $3.2 million in base salary while playing for the Ravens this season, but he agreed to a $1 million pay cut to stay with the team, although he can make up the difference through incentives.

With just around $2 million coming in this year and a hefty loan to pay off, it's doubtful McKinnie even has $375,000 to pay Young for his leisure expenses.

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