Donald Trump Rips Alex Rodriguez, Wants Yankees to Terminate His Contract ‘Based on Misrepresentation [Drugs]’


October 11, 2012

Donald Trump Rips Alex Rodriguez, Wants Yankees to Terminate His Contract 'Based on Misrepresentation [Drugs]'Donald Trump
is one of the most outspoken men in America when it comes to business. But when it comes to his Yankees — and one player in particular — it seems that The Donald wants to let his voice be heard.

Trump fired off six different tweets in regards to Alex Rodriguez, whose postseason struggles at the plate make him an easy target for criticism.

It all began hours before Wednesday’s Game 3 between the Yankees and Orioles, as Trump already called for A-Rod to be moved from the third slot.

While Trump wasn’t tweeting during Wednesday’s game, he continued ripping Rodriguez on Thursday. After he was pinch-hit by Raul Ibanez in the ninth inning, Ibanez went on to have one of the greatest postseason appearances of all-time.

Joe Girardi made the right call on Wednesday night, as Ibanez tied the game at two with a home-run in the ninth inning, and then proceeded to win the game and give New York a 2-1 series lead with a walk-off dinger three innings later. The star of The Apprentice was rather pleased by the manager’s gutsy call.

On Thursday afternoon, Trump continued with his tweeting approval of Girardi and Ibanez, and dismay of Rodriguez.

While Rodriguez has been linked to the steroid scandal, he has never been suspended for violating MLB’s drug-testing policy. Terminating his contract however, that might be a little harsh.

The tweets kept on piling up on A-Rod, as Trump next felt the need to include some business dealings with the third baseman as his reasoning for the negativity.

Interesting, as it looks like Derek Jeter just sold his condo in the Trump Tower. No word on whether or not Trump will rip into the shortstop.

The last of the Trump tweets focuses on Thursday’s Game 4, as New York looks to send the birds packing. If he had his way, Rodriguez wouldn’t see the field.

Rodriguez is hitting .083 so far this postseason, with one hit in 12 at-bats. A-Rod is a career .268 hitter in the playoffs.

Any chance #Trumptweets catches on in this New York postseason run?

Alex Rodriguez wasn’t the only one taking a seat this week, as a horse named A-Rod was scratched on Thursday at Belmont Day.

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