Giants Watch End of Cardinals-Nationals Game on Team Plane While Waiting to Learn Destination (Photos)


The San Francisco Giants were in a peculiar position.

The Giants beat the Reds to win their five-game National League Division Series on Thursday night, but the team didn't know who it would face until the Nationals and Cardinals wrapped up their series Friday evening. What added to the intrigue was that, if Washington won, the Giants would have had to fly further east for the National League Championship Series, with the Nats holding home field advantage.

So, with their travel plans hanging on who emerged victorious Friday night, the Giants loaded onto their team plane still in Cincinnati and watched the playoff game from the runway.

If the Nationals won, the Giants would have taken the team charter to Washington. But if the Cardinals won, the Giants would have returned to San Francisco and started the series at home.

The team kept an eye on what was eventually a St. Louis win, meaning the Giants were headed back to San Francisco. Unfortunatey, they didn't take off for another 2 1/2 hours due to a mechanical issue with the hydraulic system on the plane.

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