Jay Cutler Walks Away From Mike Tice on Sidelines Unhappy With Slow Play Calls (Video)


Jay Cutler is a brat.

When things don’t go Cutler’s way, he reacts like a child by either screaming at, shoving or walking away from whatever is bothering him.

Cutler was at it again on Monday night when he was unhappy with offensive coordinator Mike Tice‘s play calls coming in slow. When Tice walked over to Cutler to talk about it on the Bears’ bench, Cutler stood up and walked away.

Cutler has already had teammates complaining about his bratty ways to the media, and this latest scene won’t help his reputation among coaches either. In a perfect world, Cutler would be playing for the Jets, where nobody is on the same page and no one seems to mind.

Check out Cutler’s childish reaction in the video below.

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