Joe Theismann Says Tony Romo 'Isn't a Very Good Quarterback' and Jerry Jones Is Holding Cowboys BackSay what you want about Joe Theismann, but the man knows a thing or two about playing quarterback in the NFC East.

The former Redskins signal-caller has many opinions, and while most of them seem a bit out there, his comments about the Cowboys and their quarterback, Tony Romo, were actually pretty insightful.

“Soon or later, we have to come to the realization that Tony isn’t a very
good quarterback,” Theismann told a local Dallas radio show Tuesday. “He throws interceptions that [make] you shake your head.
If it’s all the wide receivers’ fault, then maybe he should get some new
wide receivers, or they need to come up with some new route combinations
that guys can understand.”

With receivers like Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Jason Witten and now Kevin Ogletree, it likely does not have anything to do with the receivers.

“Tony makes bad decisions with the football,” Theismann said. “And I’ll tell you something
else — he missed two wide open touchdowns [Monday] night that nobody’s
talking about. Forget about the five interceptions. He misses Miles
Austin and Dez Bryant with easy touchdown throws, and he airmails the
ball over their heads.

“You can say, ‘Well, everybody has a bad game.’ Tony has too many bad
games. Tony Romo is not a very good quarterback. Somebody has to say it,
so I just did. He should be a lot better, or the reputation he’s carried
should have him play a lot better.”

Romo wasn’t the only one getting criticism from Theismann after Monday night’s game. Theismann also took on owner Jerry Jones‘ football knowledge — or lack thereof.

“It took him five years too long to change the offensive line, which
isn’t very good,” Theismann said. “It took him three years too long to change his
secondary. He’ll do the same thing again. This is what happens when
you’re not a football guy.

“You have to ask yourself, ‘Is the owner holding back this football team with football decisions?’ And I think yes.”

Sounds like very good reasoning, Joe.