Report: LeBron James Celebrates NBA Title With Summer Gift of HairplugsFans have noticed over the last two seasons that LeBron James' headband kept creeping further up his forehead — likely to cover up his receding hairline.

the headband to move back down, as James has reportedly had hairplugs installed
this summer.

Terez Owens reported the news of James' new look and was told that, "he was sick and tired
of hearing all the jokes revolving around his rapidly receding
hairline…and he knew no matter how many championships he won, people
would always point to that right away."

Wes Welker had a similar procedure performed this offseason; the Patriots wide receiver has been wearing a do-rag under his helmet and on the sideline this season.

James may have copied Michael Jordan's popular No. 23 earlier in his career, but apparently he's unwilling to don Jordan's signature bald hairstyle.

The Heat star's new hairstyle was first noticed when Nike released their LeBron James Diamond Collection apparel catalog with a full head of hair on James. Now that LeBron is an NBA champion, he's also paying the price to look like a champion.

Take a look at James' new hairstyle below.

Report: LeBron James Celebrates NBA Title With Summer Gift of Hairplugs

Photo via Twitter/@ChicagoGee

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Report: LeBron James Celebrates NBA Title With Summer Gift of Hairplugs

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