It may not be a good idea to put the already-fragile future of your franchise in compromising situations against a defense known to be head hunters. The Redskins learned the hard way.

Robert Griffin III lined up at wide receiver and tried to haul in a pass from wide receiver Josh Morgan, but was called for offensive pass interference before taking a vicious lick from Steelers safety Ryan Clark. The helmet-to-helmet shot from Clark wasn't penalized, but since Griffin was a defenseless player, the league could still review it and fine the Steeler.

Clark left the game later with a concussion on a collision with Redskins running back Alfred Morris. Clark has been disciplined by the league before for big hits, including $15,000 and $40,000 fines in consecutive weeks in 2011.

The Redskins lost the game 27-12 to Pittsburgh. Griffin missed time earlier in the season with a concussion and it may be wise to be more careful with the rookie quarterback.

Watch a video of the boneheaded call by the Redskins in the video below.