Tom Brady Directs F-Bomb at Bills Fans After Rushing for Touchdown in Patriots Win (Video)


Tom Brady led an offensive assault on the Bills’ defense on Sunday afternoon. But aside from the Patriots’ demoralizing 52-28 blowout win, Brady had a few choice words for the Buffalo fans as well.

After rushing for a touchdown near the end of the third quarter to tie the score at 21-21, Brady went to the bench in a fit of excitement. An official review seemed to cool his jets, but then head referee John Parry returned to the field and confirmed the touchdown, and the fans inside Ralph Wilson Stadium let out some resounding boos.

Well, Brady decided to respond to the taunts of the Buffalo faithful with some sentiments of his own. While sitting on the bench and still all jacked up about the score, Brady directed an F-bomb at the Bills fans, a move that made wide receiver Wes Welker burst into laughter.

There is no love lost between Brady and Bills fans, so Sunday’s call and response doesn’t come as all that great a surprise. Brady has made his distaste for the city of Buffalo known in the past, especially their hotels, and apparently the Bills Mafia aren’t all that fond of the Patriots’ quarterback, either.

Brady ultimately got the last laugh Sunday, throwing for 340 yards and three touchdowns. He also had the rushing score as New England piled on 45 points in the second half to close out the embarrassment.

While Patriots fans likely appreciate Brady’s intensity on the sidelines, why don’t we let your play do the talking from now on? By the looks of it, that should be enough.

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