Tom Brady Personally Called J.P. Morgan CEO After Rough News Conference to Say ‘Hang in There’


October 5, 2012

Tom Brady Personally Called J.P. Morgan CEO After Rough News Conference to Say 'Hang in There'Tom Brady may be a genius on the football field, but we have no idea what his financial acumen is like. Nonetheless, the New England Patriots quarterback has some friends in high places in the financial world, if he ever wants to learn a thing or two about Wall Street.

Then again, the history of athletes getting into the financial game isn’t littered with success stories. Perhaps the most prominent is former Mets and Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra, who since touting himself as a “financial genius” years ago has been unequivocally disgraced. Dykstra, the focus of a lengthy, damning ESPN profile three years ago, pleaded guilty in federal court in July to three felonies — bankruptcy fraud, concealment of assets and money laundering — and faces up to 20 years in prison when sentenced in December.

Of course Dykstra was completely corrupt, and generally seems to be a horrible human being. While Wall Street isn’t so squeaky clean itself, something tells us Brady will have no shortage of friends willing to advise him on how to take care of his money in retirement — that can’t be a bad thing.

That’s where J.P. Morgan comes in.

Earlier this year the bank infamously lost about $6 billion dollars because of a trader known as the London Whale, an incident that became a huge embarassment for the bank. And the man who had to answer to the bank’s clients? That would be CEO Jamie Dimon, an offbeat character who’s otherwise led seven successful years at J.P. Morgan, and was recently the focus of a Vanity Fair profile.

In this piece, it comes out that Dimon got a little encouragement after holding a news conference to announce the trading losses. Vice chairman of investment banking Jimmy Lee, apparently a huge sports fan with deep connections, arranged for Brady to call Dimon after the news conference, to give Dimon a football-style pick-me-up.

“Brady reminded Dimon that even Super Bowl champs have bad days and told him ‘to hang in there,'” according to the article.

If only we could all get a personal phone call from Tom Brady when we’re having a bad day.

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Joe Maddon‘s demeanor says “My team just barely missed the playoffs,” but his attire says “I’m ready to go hang out with the rest of the hipsters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.”

Tom Brady Personally Called J.P. Morgan CEO After Rough News Conference to Say 'Hang in There'

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“He hated the fact when he played that the older guys were talking about him and how he played and now he’s doing the exact same thing. Just let it go. There’s no sense for him to be talking trash to me. He did his thing in the league. He’s one of the most dominant players to ever play the game. Just sit back and relax. You did your thing. Your time is up. So, I don’t really care. I don’t really care. He can say whatever he wants to say.”
–Dwight Howard taking offense to Shaquille O’Neal’s critique of the current Lakers center’s style of play.

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How about a reality TV show?

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Uhm, Alex, you just won the American League East. That is not the appropriate reaction.

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