Amir Johnson, Jose Calderon Beat Clock With Alley-Oop in Raptors Loss to Sixers (Video)


You don’t see many buzzer-beating alley-oops.

This one didn’t win the game for the Raptors, and it didn’t even come at the end of the game, but with three seconds left in the third quarter, Jose Calderon drove to the basket and chucked the ball back to Amir Johnson just in time for an impressive alley-oop. Johnson slammed the ball home just in time to beat the clock.

The Raptors wound up losing 93-83 to the Sixers in Toronto. Calderon finished the game with 11 assists and 14 points. Johnson’s lone two points came off the alley-oop.

Check out the clock-beating alley-oop in the video below.

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