Brady Quinn Tried to Play Through Concussion, Put On Wrong Helmet and ‘Kind of Noticed a Loss of Vision’


Concussions are nothing to take lightly, but it’s something that NFL  players continue to play through. Just like Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn recently, doing so with some very scary details.

The quarterback is now saying that he ignored the initial signs of a concussion, and continued to play, according to The Kansas City Star.

Quinn admitted Thursday that he suffered his first concussion in the preseason against the Packers, but it wasn’t too severe. He took a big hit in the Chiefs’ game with the Raiders a few weeks back, and that’s when things got real frightening.

Philip Wheeler hit the quarterback in the head on Oct. 28, as Quinn was scrambling. Quinn then played three more plays following the blow to the head, eventually throwing an interception, before he was pulled.

While Quinn tried to play through the initial hit, it was clear that something wasn’t right.

“At that point, I kind of noticed a loss of vision,” he said, according to The Kansas City Star. “I started to get tunnel vision. I just tried to keep playing, thinking it would go away. It didn’t.”

Quinn actually grabbed the wrong helmet when the team returned to the field for their next series. Things got worse when he was sacked on that drive, with his head being driven into the ground. On that play, he didn’t even see the blitzing linebacker.

On the sack, I couldn’t even see [Rolando McClain] coming off the edge,” Quinn said. “I tried to play through it, thinking it was going to go away. That was my fault for not being smarter. It actually got worse after that.”

Quinn, who entering the season had not seen regular-season action since 2009, admitted that finally getting the opportunity to play did factor in his attempts to continue playing. He said that this concussion seems to “lingering a little more” than the one he suffered against Green Bay in the preseason.

This, unfortunately, isn’t the only instance we’ve heard of a quarterback trying to play through a concussion lately. Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein might play this week, despite an undisclosed injury. That undisclosed injury is reportedly a head injury. According to a Yahoo! Sports report, Klein couldn’t remember the details of a scoring drive last week against Oklahoma State.

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