Royce White Hints He May Quit NBA, Says Health More Important Than Basketball


Plenty of people expected Royce White‘s anxiety struggles to complicate his time in the NBA.

But few expected it to happen so quickly — or to such an extent.

White and his employer, the Houston Rockets, have been at odds in recent days over what White says is the team not following through on promises about White’s anxiety issues. White was sent to the team’s D League affiliate earlier this week and has missed practices while taking to Twitter to explain that he’s not trying to shirk his job duties — he’s looking for a solution as to how he can play basketball while taking care of himself.

White continued his defense Friday, saying he doesn’t want to give up on the NBA but will if he can’t get to an agreement with the team that he’s comfortable with.

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White gave another reason for his concern Thursday, tweeting a photo of his son.

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White and the Rockets have only given a few details about the disagreement at this point, making it unclear just what White is asking for and how the Rockets have helped.

This much is sure, though — in Twitter, White has a regular ally in sharing his side of the story.

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