The Las Vegas Wranglers of the ECHL are at it again.

The team that brought you such marketing ploys as “Dick Cheney Hunting Vest Night,” “Rod Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night” and “Rapture Night: The Last Hockey Game on Earth,” the Wranglers are now hosting the Indoor Winter Classic on Jan. 1, according to They’ll be taking on the Ontario Reign at Las Vegas’ Orleans Arena.

“The game will feature many arena doors being left open in hope of creating unpredictable breeze patterns,” said Wranglers president and chief operating officer Billy Johnson. “We are hoping for quite a draft.”

According to the release, “advance weather forecasts for inside the arena call for intermittent snow for the Indoor Winter Classic, as well as the sound of whistling winds throughout the game.”

The trophy will feature a chain and a padlock somewhere in the design.

“We hope that with time the Indoor Winter Classic grows and we will be forced to move it outdoors,” Johnson added.

Thumbnail via Facebook/LasVegasWranglers