Joe Maddon Tweets ‘Hate to Lose James and Wade,’ Momentarily Terrifying Florida Populace


James ShieldsIf you walked up to someone on a street in Florida and said a local team was “losing James and Wade,” what would that person think?

Miami Heat fans would likely think that meant saying goodbye to the NBA team’s biggest stars, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

But lucky for Florida fans, the house-cleaning this week involved the Tampa Bay Rays and the loss of James Shields and Wade Davis via a trade. Both are great pitchers and valuable parts of the MLB team, but they’re not as vital to that 25-plus-member team’s success as James and Wade are to their 13-player roster, which won the NBA title last year.

Still, Rays manager Joe Maddon was treading in dangerous territory when he tweeted this Monday afternoon.

Those are popular names in the Sunshine State.

Davis photo via Facebook/10News

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