Robert Griffin III’s Knee Injury Not Enough to Dampen Spirits, Although He Admits He Screamed ‘Like a Man’ (Video)


Robert Griffin III admits he’s good for “at least one a game.”

No, the Redskins quarterback wasn’t talking about a highlight-reel run, a jaw-dropping throw or a game-changing decision. Instead, he was talking about the number of jokes he’s liable to drop on any given gameday.

Griffin was his usual jocular self following Washington’s overtime victory over Baltimore on Sunday despite suffering a knee injury that knocked him out of the game. After hobbling up to the podium after the win, RG3 had reporters chuckling, particularly when he described his reaction to the play on which he suffered the injury.

“I screamed,” Griffin joked, before adding, “like a man, of course.”

While the rookie quarterback seemed to be in good spirits, he did admit the injury “hurt really bad.” And you can certainly bet that ‘Skins fans came away from the win with an uneasy feeling. Fortunately for Washington, it appears Griffin dodged a bullet, although the extent of his injury was initially unclear.

“I’m not a doctor, but I know what an ACL feels like, and it doesn’t feel like an ACL,” Griffin said after the game. “Hopefully we can have some positive, positive things that come out of the MRI. I took an X-ray, and it was a very good X-ray. I’m not too nervous, but I’ll definitely be praying during the MRI.”

The Redskins would later announce that Griffin suffered no serious ligament damage, and it looks like it’s only a sprain. That prompted the following tweet from the first-year signal caller.

Check out Griffin’s postgame news conference in the video below. Fast forward to the 3:30 mark for a glimpse of Griffin’s humor.

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