Blame Brent Musberger for the ongoing war of words between Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett and Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron.

The two athletes first started bickering when Dockett tweeted his phone number to McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, on the night of the BCS National Championship game after Musberger had already made her an internet sensation. Now Dockett won’t stop harassing McCarron.

Dockett’s latest tweet has him resorting to name calling. The 31-year-old 290-pound NFL player also challenged the 210-pound McCarron to a fight.

McCarron didn’t take too kindly to the challenge, and pulled the age-old “scoreboard” defense.

We may not see this rivalry end until McCarron and Webb break it off, or until McCarron heads to the NFL in 2014. The Alabama quarterback will be a senior in 2013 and going for his fourth national championship and third-straight.

Neither party looks great in this conflict. Dockett is challenging a much smaller college player to a fight, while McCarron is looking over sensitive in continuing to reply. We have two words of advice for both players: grow up.