Kobe Bryant Admonishes Fan on Twitter for Using ‘Gay’ as Insult


Kobe Bryant clearly hasn’t always been the most politically correct athlete.

Although Bryant will go down in history as one of the best basketball players ever to lace ’em up, his resume as a role model is questionable. Back in April of 2011, Bryant was caught on camera calling a referee by a homophobic slur. Them, of course there was that whole alleged rape, cheating on his wife thing that happened in Colorado.

Well, Bryant, who only relatively recently joined Twitter, is here to tell you that he’s a complicated human being who’s capable of growing and developing as a person.

On Sunday, Bryant responded to a fan on Twitter who used the word “gay” as a pejorative term, telling him to knock it off. The fan, going by the handle of @PacSmoove, was replying to another fan who was also tweeting at Bryant. [tweet https://twitter.com/PacSmoove/statuses/300766272264757248 align=’center’] [tweet https://twitter.com/kobebryant/status/300767200803958786 align=’center’]

For the record, in the ensuing back and forth between the Black Mamba and his fans, someone did mention the April 2011 incident. Bryant’s response? That he was wrong to do it in the first place and that he’s learned from the incident. [tweet https://twitter.com/kobebryant/status/300774349571489792 align=’center’]

Well, Bryant may still exhibit some behavior that is bizarre to say the least. But, on this one, we have to credit the Lakers star with showing some impressive maturity.

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