USHL’s Fargo Force Takes Cue From Sarah McLachlan’s Gut-Wrenching ASPCA Ad in Latest Promotion (Video)


In a refreshing change of pace, that Sarah McLachlan song that could make the manliest of men break down in tears is being used in a humorous way. Sad puppy-dog eyes are still present, but this time they belong to members of the USHL’s Fargo Force.

In their latest campaign to attract season-ticket holders, the Fargo Force play off the infamous ASPCA ad to create a hilarious viral video. The Force players show a real knack for being able to elicit sympathy (and hopefully ticket sales), with their slow motion, dejected looks at the camera.

These players need fans and for only 73 cents a day, it’s a hard deal to turn down.

Check out the clever promo below.

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