Super Bowl FootballLet’s face it, the NFL is facing a time of strife in its history.

Though the league is financially as profitable and healthy as ever, a number of other issues threaten the sport. Bernard Pollard, for instance, recently weighed in on the future of the league, saying that he doesn’t think the NFL will exist in 30 years.

On one front, the league is facing a crisis in player safety. Players are bigger and faster than they’ve ever been, and mounting evidence in the form of players like Junior Seau and recent improvements in CTE testing only make safety a more imminent threat.

Meanwhile, though baseball has long grappled with its performance-enhancing drugs problem, football’s is just coming into the limelight. The recent revelation of Ray Lewisreported use of a deer antler spray have only made PED concerns that much more prevalent.

At the same time, the NFL is coming into focus in terms of human rights issues. The Rooney Rule, in particular, has come under attack, and the league may choose to amend it.

With all these potential threats to the NFL, which do you think is the most pressing?