Michael Beasley Admits to Eating ‘Six or Seven’ Packs of Skittles Per Day


Michael BeasleyMichael Beasley eats a lot of Skittles, but don’t tell his employers.

Beasley admitted to eating six or seven packs of Skittles every day in an interview with azcentral.com. What’s more impressive, Beasley says that’s cutting back on his Skittles intake.

The Suns forward says he eats them at home because he doesn’t want to bring them around the team’s trainers and dieticians. Consuming 1,750 calories worth of candy per day would likely widen any normal human being’s waistline, but at 6-foot-10 and with exercise as part of Beasley’s job description, the Skittles haven’t taken their toll yet.

If you were wondering (we knew you were), Beasley’s favorite is the wild berry pack. He admits he does still eat the original red pack occasionally, but “that wild berry takes it to another level.”

We can only imagine that this is what Beasley’s home looks like every day.

Photo via Facebook/Bleacher Report

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