Report: NFL Changes Tuck Rule, Bans Players From Lowering Helmet Outside Tackle Box


Tom BradySorry Patriots fans, the Tuck Rule is no more.

The change to the Tuck Rule has passed “overwhelmingly,” according to Ian Rapoport of The rule now states that if a quarterback loses the ball while pulling it back down, it will be ruled a fumble. This means that if the Snow Bowl against the Raiders happened in 2013, the Patriots likely would have lost after Tom Brady “fumbled” the ball.

The rule passed 29-1. New England and Washington abstained, according to Adam Schefter of

The NFL also passed a rule that will ban ball carriers and defenders from lowering their helmet to initiate contact  outside the tackle box, according to Rapoport. Many current and former offensive players complained when the rule change was proposed, including Matt Forte, Marshall Faulk and Emmitt Smith.

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