The Memphis Grizzlies defense did what a defense should do at the end of the game Monday, blanketing the opposing team — and its best player — to keep the opponents away from the basket as long as possible.

They just came up a literal split-second short.

The Grizzlies were left shaking their heads Monday night after Clippers point guard Chris Paul came through at the buzzer to break a tie and give Los Angeles the 93-91 win. Memphis played solid defense as the Clippers moved the ball with 13 seconds left, but when Paul forged his attack to the basket with about four seconds remaining, there was little Memphis could do to stop him.

Paul drove to the right, fighting past a couple of defenders to toss up a last-second half-layup, half-shot from outside the paint. It sank off the backboard with just enough time.

Check out the crazy shot — and the reaction from the Clips — in the video below.