ManuelThe 2013 NFL draft is a strange one because it doesn’t have the elite talent at the top that we’ve seen in recent years, but it has an extremely deep first round. It’s deep to the point that we’ve heard as many as 100 players being mentioned as first-rounders at this point by now.

But when that many players are being praised, there will be some overvaluing going on. Players are being overrated for their athleticism, statistics and skill sets. Quarterbacks are being especially overrated because of the lack of top options at the position. Tyler Bray has an impressive arm, but there’s no telling whether his head will ever match his arm’s potential. EJ Manuel has the best mobility in this class, but just because Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson had success in 2012 doesn’t mean the Florida State product will in his rookie season.

There are also positions being overvalued. Guards don’t typically go in the top half of the first round, but Chance Warmack has been mocked there all season. Nose tackles who will likely only play one or two downs per drive haven’t historically been drafted in the first or second round, but John Jenkins and Johnathan Hankins are widely considered first- or second-rounders.

There are overrated prospects all over this class, but we’ll touch on the Top 10.

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Photo via Facebook/Florida State Seminoles