George MartinYou may know George R. R. Martin as the man behind Game of Thrones. You probably don’t know that Martin, who grew up in New Jersey, is also a diehard New York Jets fan.  

And like most Jets fans, Martin had a strong opinion about the team’s decision to trade All-Star cornerback Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay on Sunday.

The Buccaneers sent a first-round pick in this week’s draft and a conditional mid-round pick in 2014 to New York for Revis.

With glaring holes all over the map, the Jets clearly thought the salary they were using to pay their best player would be more beneficial if diverted to shore up other positions. But Martin argues on his personal blog that trading away your one true star is a backward way of trying to rebuild a team.

Check out an excerpt from Martin’s rant below, or read the whole thing by clicking here. (h/t Pro Football Talk)

“It is hard to be a fan of the New York Jets.

They have hardly done anything right since Joe Willie Namath won SuperBowl III, and every time you think maybe they are finally turning the corner, they find some new way to screw things up.

Today the Jets traded Darrelle Revis, the best cornerback in the NFL and far and away the best player on the team. It is never a good idea to trade the best player on your team. The Jets desperately need a shut-down corner, since they do not have a real pass-rush threat, and the only way they ever get any pressure on the opponent’s QB is by shutting down his receivers long enough for the rushers to get there. Revis was a huge part of the reason why Rex Ryan‘s defense has been so good (ups and downs, sure, but still one of the better defenses in the league). So they get rid of him Right.

Only the Jets. They have a pretty good defense and a godawful offense, so what’s their big offseason move? ‘Hey, let’s get rid of our best player, bring the D down to the same level as the O.'”

Photo via Facebook/George R. R. Martin

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