Jerry Jones Considered Naming Cowboys Stadium ‘Vaqueros de Dallas Stadium’

by abournenesn

May 11, 2013

Jerry JonesWhat’s in a name, really?

Apparently a lot. That’s why Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is in no rush to sell the naming rights to Cowboys Stadium. Jones told the Dallas Morning News that timing is everything when it comes to picking a title sponsor for the home of the Cowboys.

“Timing is important,” Jones said.“But just how it fits is important. There potentially have been some situations I might have been interested. But it just didn’t fit. … I’m pretty proud of the Cowboys and I’ve got a pretty high bar and high standard for who we want to be associated with.”

Jones followed up with a story about how he was initially considering naming the $1.2 billion football palace “Vaqueros de Dallas Stadium” (that would be Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Spanish) because “it fit our great Hispanic fan base.” Despite hosting numerous concerts and sporting events, the four-year-old stadium remains without a corporate sponsor.

But Jones said he is in no rush to negotiate naming rights.

“I want to be very deliberate and have been,” he said. “The good news is that it is something I haven’t felt the need to be so urgent on.”

So for now, the stadium will remain The House That Jerry Built.

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