Korean Baseball Player Celebrates Pop Out Thinking It’s Game-Tying Homer, Opposing Team Laughs (Video)


Jun-woo Jeon may not live this one down for a while.

Jeon was up in the bottom of the ninth for the Lotte Giants of the Korean Baseball Organization down 6-4 with a runner on first base. He hit what he thought was a game-tying home run to left field, flipping his bat and pointing up to the sky before getting into his jog around the bases. It wasn’t until Jeon rounded first base that he found out the ball had been caught at the warning track. D’oh.

Mike Oz of Yahoo! Sports notes the best part is the shocked look on Jeon’s face when he realizes the ball was caught, but I  disagree. The best part is definitely when the NC Dinos player points and laughs at Jeon from the dugout. It had a very Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons feel to it. “Ha ha!”

Check out the hilarious gaffe in the video below.

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