Manny Ramirez’s Awful Slide Manages to Break Up Double Play in Taiwanese League (Video)


Maybe Manny Ramirez will chalk this one up to poor depth perception.

It was another case of Manny being Manny over in Taiwan during an EDA Rhinos game. In a video posted Friday, Ramirez took a lead off of first base and made his way toward second on a hit. The ground ball was fielded by the first baseman and thrown to second.

Ramirez, in attempt to make it to second base safely, slid in toward the base. The only problem was that his slide came up short. Very short. Ramirez was tagged out and made his way, head hung, back toward the dugout.

In a bright spot, because the second baseman had to run over to Ramirez to tag him, he was unable to get the throw off to first to complete the double play. Not a bad strategy by the former Major League outfielder.

Check out the slide fail in the video below.

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