Mario Williams Suing Ex-Fiancee to Get $785,000 Engagement Ring Back


Mario WilliamsLast March, the Bills offered defensive end Mario Williams a six-year contract worth up to $100 million — the most lucrative deal ever for a defensive player. With that kind of cash, Williams can afford to splurge a bit.

When he asked his girlfriend, Erin Marzouki, to marry him last February, Williams did so by presenting her with a $785,000 diamond engagement ring. But the two have since split up, and Marzouki reportedly is not willing to part with the 10-carat ring.

According to, Williams is now suing Marzouki in an attempt to get the ring back on the grounds that his ex-fiancee had never intended to marry him and only went along with the engagement in order to take advantage of Williams’ sizable bank account. In addition to the ring, Marzouki also reportedly charged around $108,000 last year alone on an American Express card Williams gave her and spent another $230,000 on “additional luxury items.”

Williams’ lawyers are seeking a temporary restraining order that would prevent Marzouki from selling or tampering the ring or profiting from its sale.

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