Bowling Green Sports Information Director Gets Voluntarily Drilled by Defensive End Ted Ouellet (Video)


Bowling Green sports information director Dave Meyer got exactly what he asked for: to be annihilated by defensive end Ted Ouellet.

Meyer (all 6-foot-1, 190 pounds of him) suited up in full pads and took a brutal hit from the 6-foot-3, 282-pound Ouellet, who recorded three sacks and six tackles for loss last season. Meyer, who has “next to zero athletic ability,” told SBNation that Ouellet wanted to take a 10-yard head start, but the SID would only allow him five yards.

The best part of the video may be that Meyer’s blood type (O-NEG)  is written above his facemask, where a player’s last name would usually go. Meyer said he’s still recovering from the hit and thought he broke his arm immediately after. He still has a stiff neck, bruised sternum and bruised arm. But it’s fun to watch.

Check out the hit below.

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