John FarrellBOSTON — The Biogenesis scandal has rocked Major League Baseball, but in the Red Sox clubhouse, it’s hardly a concern. reported earlier this week that about 20 players, including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, could face suspensions for their link to the Miami-based Biogenesis clinic that allegedly distributed performance-enhancing drugs. But while the news shook the baseball landscape, Red Sox manager John Farrell remained positive that none of his players were involved in the mess.

“Confident, yes,” Farrell said Wednesday when asked if he’s confident that his players won’t be part of the league’s investigation. “I know there’s been some preliminary notice that none of our players are on it, but knowing them more firsthand as people, I certainly would be shocked if anybody does show up on it based on what we know about it.”

The Red Sox skipper did express some disappointment toward big leaguers who continue to take banned substances, but he fully anticipates that the game will continue to thrive in the face of adversity.

“It’s unfortunate that decision has been made as often as they’ve been,” Farrell said. “Whether or not they’re proven guilty remains to be seen, but the one thing that’s been so great about this game is whether it’s the steroid situation or work stoppages, it’s a resilient game and it’s come back from the temporary black eyes that it suffers.”

This black eye will certainly require some healing time. It’s certainly a lot easier for a manager to deal with, though, when those inflicting the damage reside in a different clubhouse.

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