Baron Davis Claims to Be Abducted by Aliens, Now Feels ‘Sharper’


baron davisApparently, Baron Davis had himself a bit of an extraterrestrial experience recently.

During an interview on’s “The Champs” podcast, Davis casually mentioned that he had been abducted by aliens a few weeks earlier. The hosts originally took this as a joke, but when pressed for details, the former NBA All-Star confirmed that he was, in fact, serious.

As his story goes, Davis was driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in the middle of the night when he saw the bright lights of a truck. He then woke up to a number of seemingly alien beings standing above and prodding him before he finally snapped back into consciousness near Montebello, Calif., at 4 a.m.

Then, in the only part of the tale that makes complete sense, Davis said he headed straight to In-N-Out Burger and mowed down a few cheeseburgers.

As the two understandably flabbergasted hosts continued to pepper Davis with questions, the former guard tweaked his original story a bit, saying he wouldn’t exactly classify his experience as an abduction. He did say that he is still feeling the aftereffects, though.

“I don’t think it was an abduction, dude — I think that they were, like … because now, like, I come back and, like, I’m, like, sharper and [expletive], you know what I mean?” Davis said. “Like, I’m retaining information.”

Hear Davis’ full interview (which, be forewarned, does contain a fair amount of salty language) by clicking here.

Hat tip to Ball Don’t Lie for bringing Davis’ saga to our attention. 

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