Fighting at a youth league baseball game is about as low on the good human being scale as it gets, but that’s exactly what happened recently in Greeley, Colo.

A brawl after a game of 10-year-old kids involved about 20 parents, according to NBC 9 News. The report does not state when the brawl occurred.

According to witnesses, James Dwyer approached the coach of the team opposing his son, who had told his son to stop clapping on the bases to distract his team. Cell phone video captures this interaction, before it cuts out when the fighting really begins.

Dwyer’s wife is said to have begun the fight when she struck the person filming the incident. James Dwyer had been cursing at the opposing coach, but the opposing coach said nothing back to Dwyer.

“He started using profanity. The coach was not saying anything back to him,” witness Jennifer Metzler said. “The boys were crying; all the boys were crying.”

The subsequent brawl involved kicking a man in the groin while he was on the ground, said witnesses. Dwyer and his wife were cited for the incident.

“[They were] cited for assault, disorderly conduct and theft, because it was reported that the cell phone was taken away and that mom had punched several people,” Greeley Police Sgt. Susan West said.

Leave it to the guy in Ed Hardy gear to start a brawl at a baseball game of 10-year-olds, right? Check out NBC 9’s report of the incident — which includes the phone video — below.