Florida State’s Nick O’Leary Survived Insane Motorcycle Crash As Video Emerges of Incident (Video)


Florida State tight end Nick O’Leary is clearly lucky to be alive after surviving a pretty horrific crash while driving his motorcycle. Though the incident happened in early May, video is just emerging now and it’s jaw-dropping.

O’Leary, who starts for FSU and is the grandson of golfing great Jack Nicklaus, essentially hit a Lexus that was pulling out of a driveway on Mission Road in Tallahassee, Fla., according to TomahawkNation.com. (Since the Lexus did not establish right of way, the Lexus was at fault for the accident.)

O’Leary’s motorcycle broke into pieces and hit the windshield of a passing bus, while O’Leary slid about 75-100 feet away from the wreck. However, O’Leary can miraculously be seen in the video walking back toward the wreck, with bumps and bruises but no serious injuries.

The accident report is available here, and you can check out the video of the crash below. (This may seem obvious, but be forewarned that you are viewing a motorcycle wreck.)

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