For those who aren’t hip-hop inclined, here’s a little background. Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, better known as Nate Dogg, passed away from complications relating to strokes in 2007. However, his legacy as one of hip-hop’s all-time great singers had been long established. Nate Dogg began his career singing on Dr. Dre’s classic record The Chronic, had a long association with Death Row Records and collaborated with everyone from Tupac Shakur to Snoop Dogg.

That’s a darn impressive career. However, when he passed away, Nate Dogg left behind a son who has since drawn the attention of Division I schools across the country for his football work in the secondary.

On Tuesday, Naijiel Hale, Nate Dogg’s son, announced that he will be attending the University of Arizona for college, and would begin playing football during the 2014 season. Rumors had persisted that Hale would go to the Pac-12, but he’s instead headed to Tucson.

It’s also worth pointing out that Hale’s twitter handle is @YoungNateDogg, so that’s pretty adorable. Check out a video of Hale playing some football at St. John Bosco high school in the video below.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@SportsRecruits