For O.J. Simpson, it’s probably not a great idea to show admiration for the crimes of fellow inmates during a parole hearing.

On Thursday, Simpson appeared before a Nevada parole board and asked to be released from prison just about five years into a 33-year sentence. Simpson, who was infamously acquitted of the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, is currently being held at Lovelock Correction Center after being convicted of a 2007 robbery involving memorabilia. However, in his opening statement during the 15-minute hearing, he said something rather surprising.

“[Inmates] have told me every type of story you could hear,” said Simpson. “They’ve robbed banks, they’ve robbed casinos, even one guy robbed a gun shop, which I thought took a lot of guts.”

A decision on Simpson will come next week, but despite his status as a model inmate, he isn’t expected to be released due to his 9-to-33 year sentence. Check out the entirety of Simpson’s parole hearing in the video below.